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My interests are varied.  I often don't have relaxed downtime because I am always deconstructing media for method and meaning.  I am searching for ideas, trends, images everywhere.  The lamest middlebrow pop culture can lead to an idea that I consider groundbreaking.


My interests include all media, photography and video/film especially, also poetry, sex, sexual environments, men, bodybuilding, health, food, nutrition, decorating, renovation.  I am always interested in commerce, sales and merchandising.  Promotion, advertising, and publicity as an instinct come naturally to me.


I dedicate my life to the creation of environments, events, and products to excite men everywhere. 




The corporate website:


The main party & blog site:


My sales & auction sites: Darrell's Attic , The Treasure Liquidator , Ebay's About Me Page


My Party sites:

Darrell's Dungeon

Hot Lunch NYC

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