People often want to know more about me and how I got here.  That's why I have this page:


I am an amalgam, a fusion, a crashing, of up and down, high and low, right and left.  I am over 50 years old, a Black man born in Newark, NJ, raised on Staten Island, NY, who moved to Brooklyn to go to college at NYU, went to Japan for 2 years to work for the Japanese government, moved back to Midtown Manhattan where I worked in mainstream media as a Photography Director and Producer.  I worked deep within the corporate world but create environments and products for the underground. I now work in commercial lending and finance. I write and create visuals. I move within circles of power and crawl on my hands and knees through the muck of the underworld. I look and react like an American Black man, but I operate from a place of global culture, where Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, the immigrant and indigenous, produce, dissolve and regenerate, exchange and builds upon itself, creating the new, remixing the old. In one day, I could be shaking the hand of a world leader, and, later that night, jacking off a porn star. I love the public exchange of ideas but work actively in the market of private consumption and acquisitiveness.  I am a deep believer in stability and lifelong relationships, but am I an avid follower of new ways to relate to people in the bedroom and the workplace. I struggle with and relish constant change; adaptation keeps me alive.

I was born July 26, 1960.  My parents are from Alabama, Mississippi, and North Carolina.  We are mostly African-American, but at least one great-grandmother was thought to be full-blooded Native American. (This was later refuted by DNA testing.)  My childhood was at once, idyllic and tragic. My father was violent and I witnessed many times him beating up my mother. I have seen police come to my home.  I was raised in a middle class, striving, two-income family in a safe, comfortable, mixed-race neighborhood in a nice part of Staten Island. We had a yard, all kinds of friends, had toys, good food, and nice clothes.  I was raised with and had my own expectations for my future. Doctor, lawyer, professional were definitely in the eyes of my parents as my path to work. My translation: star, thinker, artist, and person of power. That is part of how I got here.

I live in midtown Manhattan in an early 20th-century apartment house.  My apartment is filled the best of the 20th century with Art Deco, Bauhaus, mid-century and Ikea all battling for dominance in a large, comfortable one-bedroom.  I live alone but my love life is populated by boyfriends, slaves, lovers. My partner of 25 years, Roger died in his sleep in his Wisconsin home the day that Trump got elected.  I dedicate my time and life to my multitude of businesses and to various forms of artistic and sexual expression.

See the attached pages for more of my interests and for links leading to more info about me: my businesses, my parties, my blog, my diaries, photos, and stuff I care about.  If you have any questions, feel free to write to me directly at Also, I would be honored if you would sign my guestbook. Thanks for your interest.  Darrell

I know in my heart that I am living the dream of my ancestors...

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